We manage the entire sourcing process effectively, reliably and transparently.

What we do


Supplier and product search

Nikolai Sourcing operates an extensive network of suppliers, and finding new ones is one of our key tasks. Discovering and delivering new product ideas is also part of our customer service.


Supplier guidance

We handle supplier communication and factory audits on behalf of the customer. We represent our customer in all sourcing matters. We also help prepare delivery contracts and oversee their execution in practice.


Schedule monitoring

Part of our daily work is the active monitoring of delivery times to ensure that every shipment is sent on schedule. The results of the monitoring are reported regularly to the customer.


Quality assurance

Quality assurance is a cornerstone of our business. It is vital that our customer receives exactly what they have ordered. We inspect every shipment before delivery and carry out inspections during production, as necessary.


New products and innovations

Experienced and skilled sourcing personnel are invaluable when it comes to capitalising on every opportunity. Overcoming future challenges requires a proactive and innovative sourcing partner.


Travel arrangements

We take care of our customer’s travel arrangements in Asia from factory visits to the booking of flights, hotels and local transportation. We help arrange discussions, meetings and negotiations with suppliers, as well as exhibitions and other practical matters.

In a nutshell

Our transparent business model

Customers pay us a service fee based on the deliveries made and the volume sourced. Customers can also order special services, such as supplier audits and goods inspections, subject to a daily charge.

Our service model



  • Comprehensive procurement service
  • Commission on value of transaction
  • All-inclusive service
  • Transparent pricing
  • Minimum invoicing per order


Local assistance

  • Jointly agreed procedures when the customer requires assistance
  • Inspections, contact, visits to production facilities, responsibility audits
  • Transparent pricing
  • Does not include sourcing
  • Day rate


Strategic collaboration

  • Comprehensive procurement service
  • Personnel hiring
  • Local representation of customer in target country
  • Joint development of collaboration and procurement
  • Transparent pricing
  • No minimum invoicing


qarma qarma


Nikolai Sourcing has implemented the industry leading QA - and Audit solution from Qarma. This helps us stay on top of Quality and empower our suppliers and team of inhouse Inspectors and quality engineers to perform in depth inspections in a detailed, efficient and transparent way. With Qarma, we are able to manage quality specification and create product specific quality - and compliance protocols while measuring on important KPI’s to ensure continues improvements. All orders and products with Nikolai Sourcing are inspected with Qarma.

AirFaas – procurement made simple

AirFaas is a cloud-based procurement software. It helps companies buy and sell products by connecting customers and suppliers digitally.

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